meet cocoa

What kind of dog is Cocoa? I’m glad you asked. 🙂

She is the “rescue-kind”, which is the best kind and highly recommended. Regarding her breed, well we don’t know for sure, but we think she is a Beagle/Dachshund mix or what we like to call her, a “Beagle-innie”.


How Cocoa became a part of our family: In December 2015, she was rescued off the streets of NW Houston, hiding under a car trying to cross a busy highway when a sweet lady found her and took her home. That family looked for her family for 10 days to no avail. She didn’t have a tag on her collar and was not micro-chipped. The finder family could no longer keep her and were going to take her to the Houston SPCA the next morning if they could not find a foster family for her. We saw her posting on Facebook and request for a foster family, and we said we would take her.

She was delivered to our home the very next morning and has never left. We fell in love with her as did our other dog, a yellow lab, named Puff who was also a rescued dog. We adopted her and she became a part of our family. We gave her the name Cocoa so we could have Cocoa & Puff…get it “Cocoa Puff” 😉 LOL!

She is very sweet, playful, loving and friendly. She loves to give kisses, go on walks, play with Puff, snuggle on the couch, bark at squirrels, roll in the grass, make new friends, play with her toys and chew on dog chews. She is now micro-chipped, spayed, healthy and will turn 2 years old in June 2016. We don’t actually know her birthday but chose June as her birthday month based on what the vet thought her age to be.

We are grateful to have her and Puff in our family. Before we had Cocoa, we fostered 20 different dogs (and continue to do so) and helped find them loving homes through some amazing rescue groups.

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