Minecraft Battle! Who Will Win? – Balloon Surprise Time

Hello my Jellykins! On this episode of Balloon Surprise Time, Kid Caed & Minecraft Steve show up asking for help to craft a Minecraft item!

There is even a Minecraft Battle! But who will win the Minecraft Battle?

Can you guess what Minecraft balloon she will make today? Watch and see if you can guess the right answer! 🙂

Oh…and please be sure to check out the YouTube channel of Kid Caed. If you like Minecraft and fun challenges, you will love his channel!


Check me out on his channel. I play Minecraft with Kid Caed! It is so funny!

Thank you Kid Caed for your great balloon idea! I had FUN in the Minecraft Battle!

Shelly has fun popping balloons and counting all the pops!

Shelly also says Hi to some special friends with her “Magic Glasses”. Will she see you and say hi? Maybe…

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