Baby Food Challenge – Thank You 200 Subscribers!

WOW!!! THANK YOU JELLYKINS!!!! We made it to 200 SUBSCRIBERS + More!!!

And because you helped me get there, I promised I would do the Baby Food Challenge! So… Here it is!!!

Yummy & Yucky Baby Food! Ewwww!!

I’m also joined by two AMAZING YouTubers, Caeden from the KidCaed YouTube Channel and a new and upcoming YouTuber, Bubba Gooder.

Watch us try some blechy baby food and LAUGH with us!!!

THANK YOU ALL MY JELLYKINS for Subscribing, Liking, Commenting and Sharing my channel with all your friends!

Can’t wait for the 500 Subscribers Challenge!!! OMGoodness!!

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Theme Song: ALL credit and rights due to the AMAZING Sarah Pountney aka “shiftypop”