Welcome to the Jelly Belly Schmelly Show!

Snapshot_21It is the FUNNEST, kid-safe and friendly children’s show on YouTube!

The show is about balloons, clues, surprises, play, puppies, popping balloons, magic glasses, being silly and maybe learning colors, numbers, letters and counting.

In every episode, Cocoa the dog gives Shelly a balloon idea to make. She will give her viewers 3 clues as to the balloon she is making in the video. Can you guess what balloon she is making? It is always a fun surprise!

She also says “Hi!” to all her friends with special magic glasses. She just might say Hi to you! You don’t want to miss it! Have fun watching and have a Happy Day! 🙂




(mom of Clarissa age 2)

“Love it!! Makes me happy just watching it. You are quite talented!! Just watched an episode tonight with Clarissa before bedtime and she was glued to the screen smiling and waving!”


mom of Bekah (2)

“Bekah loves it! She’s 2 and she really liked Cocoa. Great Job!”


mother of Jazzy (7)

“That was SO good and entertaining!! When it was over Jazi asked if there was another one!! You’re amazing!!”


Jenny M.

mother of 5 1/2 year old sweet girl named Selah

“Selah LOVES the show! She is binge watching every episode. She is home super sick with high fever and throwing up, watching your show was the first laugh and smile of the day! And, she is the one that remembered and asked for it…… It reminds me of her absolutely favorite kids thing of all time, Yo Gabba Gabba. The dog is a HUGE hit. Ok, now she is starting over [watching them] from the beginning…”

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