What Moms & Dads Are Saying

  • “We watched your show on the big tv today!! Both of them Avery 5 and Luke 1.5 loved it.” – Leslie
  • “My kids watched it and love it!” – Joel (Dad of Sydney 6, Logan 8)
  • “They waited for the next video to play and shouted the color and animal noises. They are excited about it!” – Sharea (mother of Shelby age 2 and babysitter of 4 others ages 8 months to 4 years)
  • “Shelby waved back at you today.” – Sharea (Shelby’s Mom)
  • “This is my friend’s new YouTube channel, The Jelly Belly Schmelly Show. Clarissa LOVES it and we can’t stop watching the Jingle.  It just makes us happy! Watch and Subscribe!” – Cassandra (mother of Clarissa age 2)
  • “Ok, so both girls LOVED the show and are copying you in doing their own pretend show as they play 😁! They really liked hearing their names!” – Angie (mother of Hannah 7 and Riley 8)
  • “Her favorite was the popping of the balloon and she waved you goodbye this time.” – Alicia (mom of Millie age 2)
  • “Ok so Calex watched the first episode and thought that it was too young for him, but his brother and cousin, BUT he asked to finish watching the last three lol- he loves them!! He asked if there was a new one today- he is almost 7 and doesn’t want to admit it but he really LOVES the show! He is also trying to study the way you make the balloons so he can do it too. And he thinks you are funny.” – Lise (mom of Calex age 6)
  • “So cute!!! I love them and so does Holdyn! He is very captivated when we watch. I like the length. I think longer than 10 minutes and you’ll lose the kids. I do like that you’re so bright and the back ground is plain. Easy to focus. I honestly thought it was great. Easy to watch with Holdyn and not annoying for parents to listen to. A lot of videos on YouTube I cannot stand to hear bc the ppls voices are so annoying but Holdyn loves it.” – Kaitlyn (mom of Holdyn age 4)
  • “I showed my kids last night. They can’t wait for balloon animals. And of course they love the dog.” – Georgia Lee
  • “The kids really liked it, this is cool!” – Joanna (mom of Hank 10, Lynn 7, Mark 5)
  • “Anna loves your show. She gets so into it.🎈💚🎈💜🎈💙🎈” – Dallas (mom of Anna)
  • “It was awesome Peter kept playing it over and over obviously you attracted the right crowd 😉 The dog is awesome and the fact that it’s educational totally awesome totally hitting the right brain and left brain but I am more interested in how you incorporated the right brains way of learning ! 😉” – Patsy (mom of Peter age 4)
  • “We just watched it. When it was finished Anna told her sisters that it was “HER show”. We also have to watch your theme song after each episode. The bigs (Emma and Avery) loved it too. Avery asked to watch all of them. They are now dancing around singing your song. Thanks for filling our house with giggles and smiles!” – Dallas (mom of Anna, Avery and Emma)
  • “My Granddaughter LOVED the show! She said, “Can we like..watch ALOT more?!”.  She giggled every time she said, “Abracapoo-poo!”, then she did something strange.  She stopped the show and wanted to talk about your flower earrings and teeth! lol – She thought you were very pretty and had nice white teeth.  So my little fashionista is giving you the thumbs up!” – Laura (grandmother of Lyla age 5)